Aug 14, 2012


I have been so busy these past few days! For the last two weeks and this week too my sweetie has been working at a buddy's place during the day and going to train for a job at night, so to occupy my time that I have been cleaning like a mad person. I am glad he finally has a job but I cannot wait until I get to spend time with him, I miss him. Since I have been cleaning so much I now have room in my now clean room to move my mom's old desk from my grandma's house to my room! 
My father and I are going to go measure it to make sure it will fit soon and my sweetie and his buddy will be helping us move it shortly after that (hopefully tomorrow). Although my sister says that dad and her boy can get it I know better and I don't want her boy in my room even though it would be just long enough to move a desk in there I don't want him in here. I would much rather have two people who I have known for six years and I know I can trust to move my desk. Plus they have already agreed to doing it so my sister needs to just get over it.
I can't wait to be able to sit down at my own desk to do my homework for the up coming semester on my new/old desk. Well I best be going so that I can be ready to go with my dad to look at the desk, have a great afternoon or morning everyone! Toodles!!