Apr 25, 2012

Nerves of Legos

Today I have nerves of Legos. Why, you may ask because I have to stand up in front of my composition class and speak about Ireland while I am in a skirt. I like skirts and stuff like that but when I go to class I don't hardly wear them or make-up but today I am dresses all girly. I am so not looking forward to it.
I hope everyone's day is wayyyy better than mine will be, unless my class gets canceled which I don't see happening. Wish me luck!

Apr 23, 2012

Finals Are Coming! Finals Are Coming!

Eep this week is the week before finals and boy am I nervous. I am just hoping for a nice relaxing weekend before I melt my brain working on final exams all next week. I did have a lazy weekend this past two days which was nice. Although having a migraine at work kinda ruined my Saturday but at least I had a nice day before I felt like my head was about to explode. And ever since Saturday I have been having like after shocks of the migraine which is sooooo not fun, but I am a strong girl and will defeat my head.
Well I am off to start my week before finals, I foresee large amounts of caffeine in my very near future. Have a wonderful day everyone and to those who are preparing for finals good luck and happy studying!

Apr 19, 2012

My Week

Monday was very Monday like except for when my best friend and I went to Cool Springs after class, which was pretty fun. Tuesday my brain melted but having my sweetie come over for family time made it better! Although he did get a song, that I didn't really like before, stuck in my head and now I love it and the band that sings it. Our lovely T.V. also died on Tuesday so yesterday my parents got a pretty new flat screen, it is massive! Today I have started working in my schedule for the fall semester I actually can't wait until that semester starts! Well time to get on with my day and enjoy some more Space Capone! 
Have a lovely day everyone!

Apr 14, 2012

What A Day

Yesterday my day started extra early when around midnight my stomach decided it didn't want to hold my food anymore. The rest of the day since that lovely few minutes it was teasing me with whether it was going to keep the food or not... lovely. Then I get to work and wanted to just turn around and leave after I saw we had an evil table in there. The "parents" at this table are prime examples of people who do not need children! The "mother" let the youngest poop on the carpeted floor and did not discipline her!!!!!
I hope tonight is way better then last night! Off to do some house work and home work, have a lovely day all!

Apr 8, 2012


Today is a lovely day and a good day! This morning we had a young lady get baptized after the sermon, so awesome!
After church my sister and her sweetie allowed me to take a whole lot of pictures of them and one or two of me and my sister!

Happy Easter everyone!

Apr 7, 2012

My Weekends

This weekend and next weekend might be the two longest in the history of my life, for now. Today my sweetie is leaving to go spend Easter with his family and next week he is visiting some of his friends all the way in the other part of the state. Sooo I am thinking today I might bake my awesome coworkers some brownies for tonight and I am not sure what I am going to make next weekend, but I do know if he doesn't stop all this traveling my coworkers are going to have to buy some more clothes cause I will be doing a lot of baking to take my mind off his absence. Well I guess I best be getting the stuff for those brownies, and maybe another flower or some sort of plant.
Good day all.
Oh and Happy Easter!

Apr 5, 2012

Finally A Good Day...Kinda

Today was one of those days when the alarm goes off you just want to go back to bed. Also as the day unfolds, after you force yourself out of bed, every thing you do ends up messing up. Just when I thought today was lost to the bad day demons the good day angles come in and save it from awfulness! First my sweetie said he could pick me up from work, mega yay, then my awesome coworker said "Hey I have a box full of clothes and shoes for you"! So I got to enjoy some time with my awesome man and then I got to try on a bunch of clothes that are very cool and I can't wait to wear some of these dresses on a date with my man sometime soon!
I just hope I can see him again tomorrow because he is doing a bit of traveling for the next two weekends on top of work. But now off to bed and to think what I am going to bake for my coworker as a "thank you for the awesome clothes!" Good night all!!
P.S. He finally shaved to have the go-tee back! I am sooooooo happy, I think he looks right with it. Okay now good night all.

Apr 3, 2012

My Bad Day

This morning I woke up thinking today would be a wonderful day and I would get to have a nice pizza date with my sweetie. But his evil cold hearted boss had other plans. It seems like every time we try to make plans together that evil man makes him work forever long and completely messes every thing even if it is just a couple of hours after work or before my job he some how sticks his nose into it and destroys it.
I wish he had a better job that he enjoys and doesn't make him work so dang long.
I hope everyone's day was better than mine was and everyone's evening is too.