Apr 5, 2012

Finally A Good Day...Kinda

Today was one of those days when the alarm goes off you just want to go back to bed. Also as the day unfolds, after you force yourself out of bed, every thing you do ends up messing up. Just when I thought today was lost to the bad day demons the good day angles come in and save it from awfulness! First my sweetie said he could pick me up from work, mega yay, then my awesome coworker said "Hey I have a box full of clothes and shoes for you"! So I got to enjoy some time with my awesome man and then I got to try on a bunch of clothes that are very cool and I can't wait to wear some of these dresses on a date with my man sometime soon!
I just hope I can see him again tomorrow because he is doing a bit of traveling for the next two weekends on top of work. But now off to bed and to think what I am going to bake for my coworker as a "thank you for the awesome clothes!" Good night all!!
P.S. He finally shaved to have the go-tee back! I am sooooooo happy, I think he looks right with it. Okay now good night all.

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