Mar 30, 2012

My Job

When I first walked in to River Terrace for my job interview I was beyond nervous. But it has been seven short months since that day and everyday I have worked has been the best bit of work I have done. Not only are the people that come in pretty awesome, but my co-workers and bosses are the best anyone could have. I feel that they are an extinction to my family and I love them all.
Just thought I would try to express how much my job means to me and the people I work with.
I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Mar 28, 2012


I can not find my Kindle Fire any where I think it might be at the college but I am beyond sad that I cant find it. Time to turn the house upside down looking for it and asking around the college. Have a good night everyone!

Mar 26, 2012

Stuff to Distract Me

Sooo I have a Test Wednesday in my Composition class over a very boring book then two tests on Monday morning one right after another and what am I doing? Sitting here teaching myself how to knit and watching Eureka and eating chocolate. I need to learn how to focus on things some how. I guess I will get to work on all of that lovely stuff tomorrow and enjoy one night of wasting time. Good night everyone!

Mar 22, 2012

History Project

Yesterday I went over to my Granny's house to get her help on my family history paper for my history class and we started to look through some of her old pictures and found these beauties.
The older child is my sister and the little one is me, we are sitting with my Great Granny and in the other with my Pawpaw. The top picture is my Granny with Pawpaw and Great Granny. I just thought I would share with all of you lovely people a peek at my family. Have a lovely day everyone!

Mar 18, 2012

Spring Is Here!

Yay! Spring is here at last I am beyond happy! Just spent the entire day out in the yard getting my garden ready for seeds while my mom attacked the grass. I also took advantage of the lovely weather to snap a few pictures of some of the things that are already blooming! Well I think it is time I get some rest since I have class in the morning. Have a great afternoon everyone!

Mar 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Today is one of my favorite holidays ever! Green is not my favorite color but I do enjoy dressing in whatever green I can find and painting my nails a lovely color. In my family it is a tradition to watch The Quiet Man but unfortunately I don't get the pleasure of watching it with them this year, maybe when my sweetie gets home we will have us a movie day and we will watch it because he has never seen it. Some day I will get to go to Ireland and celebrate St. Patty's day there but until that day comes I will enjoy it here in small town U.S.A.
gach duine tráthnóna iontach (have a wonderful afternoon everyone)!

Mar 16, 2012

Saddness and Bad Weather

Is it just me or when you find out about something sad or bad happening to someone you love and there is no way that you can fix it the weather turns from happy sunny warm days to rainy windy days? Well that is what is happening to me right now, yesterday I found out that my boyfriend's grandfather died and then shortly I found out about this it started to rain then hail and be all out yucky for the rest of the day. And this morning my sweetie left to go back to Memphis to be with his mother and I can't give him a hug or anything before he starts that way and on top of not getting to see him it is raining and guess what... it might hail also while he is driving on the interstate with a bunch of crazy drivers. So if you can't tell my day will be wet and full of worry, goodie.
I guess I will just sit here and crochet until I hear from someone, hopefully him saying he made it down there okay. 
I hope everyone's day is better then mine will be.

Mar 12, 2012


So since Saturday my sweetie has been in Memphis because of family issues and I really want to be with him right now but my parents wont let me go down there and be with him. I also have not heard from him since Saturday when he was at dinner so it is killing me I want to know if he is okay and how his family is right now. Can someone just flip a switch and make all of the bad things that are happening in his family reverse like instead of a family member dying why not have a happy thing happen and have a baby born or something like that. I am just saying I know he is tired of all this stuff happening to him and so am I.
Now time to go to class and not pay attention because I will be sitting there thinking about him, I hope everyone's day is a little less frustrating than mine.

Mar 9, 2012

A Little Late

Hi, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but I have been forced to read this book (Things Fall Apart) for my composition class and I also have been detracted by the lovely weather here. So, I have been digging holes to put pretty little flowers, trees, and bushes in. I am pretty excited about getting to plant a blackberry bush  (I will be looking for recipes that use blackberry's soon). I also am super excited to be able to use fresh Rosemary when I cook for my family when I get my lovely new bush in the ground! But also kinda sad that I just saw the cutest little puppy running around in my street and my parents wont let me keep the poor lonesome thing. It is amazing when a cat person starts dating a dog person the cat person starts to want dogs AND cats. Well, I guess I had better get back to work will post pictures when everything is in full bloom!