Oct 28, 2012

The Croop, The Cough, And Star Wars!

All last week and most likely this week too I have had the worst cold I have had in a looooong time. I have literally been getting up from bed just long enough to go to class and eat, but most of my days I have been sitting or laying watching t.v. shows. Boy do I wish I liked tea, maybe I should try hot tea sometime I might actually like that kind.
One awesome thing did happen last week, I started watching Star Wars with my sweetie for the first time ever! And it is my first time seeing them not his, he has seen them a few times; me on the other hand have not seen them and I really wanted to understand the cute jokes I have been seeing all over the internet and well everywhere. I think I will get to see the next one this week and maybe possibly the third one too! My sweetie is really the best!
Well I guess I should be hitting the hay soon since I have class tomorrow morning and I still am fighting this annoying super cold. Well good night everyone, my the force be with you!
P.S. Yes, I know I am a geek, it happens and I am proud of being a geek!

Oct 15, 2012

Fall Break!!

At last fall break has arrived! I now have a chance to get caught up on my knit (new project going on) and some other house related stuff. Speaking of house related stuff, yesterday I went through all of my clothes and jackets and filled a giant trash bag with stuff to donate to a local coat drive! 
 With fall break here that means Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays, we already have our pumpkins ready to carve, some candy to give out and we are going to decorate our house up nice here soon! I just realized we do more decorating for Halloween than any other holiday at my house.
Welp I guess I should get back to enjoying being free from class, I hope everyone else has a wonderful day!

Oct 2, 2012


Hello all this semester has been crazy busy started out the semester taking four classes but ended up having to drop one of them in order to stay sane. My math class started out fun but has rapidly gotten harder. I am happy to say that there is a slight chance that I could go to the local Art Institute and finally be able to do what I really want to do!
Since I finally have this crazy semester sort of under control I get to knit again! I am surprised that after not doing anything with my needles for so long, when I finally picked them up again I just started right up like I just put them down yesterday. I am currently working on a scarf (not that I need a new one but it gives me something fun to do). I also got to bake a birthday cake the other day with a good friend for her sister's birthday, which was incredibly fun! Soon I get to bake and decorate cupcakes for a sweet girl's one year birthday party!! 
Well back to the madness of the semester I hope everyone has a wonderful evening/day! Toodles!!