Feb 28, 2012

Dream Cake

Yesterday I was bored and for some odd reason feeling stressed out after class, and after I got home in the afternoon. So to get rid of the stress and boredom I baked a delectable cake that my sweet boyfriend gave me the recipe.
I am looking forward to baking one for my awesome coworkers Thursday!
Have a great day everyone!

Feb 27, 2012

Essay Conundrum

The other day I was struggling to write an essay over old classic movie v.s. modern movies. Well I finished and turned in the evil essay with two hours to spare; all the time thinking "If I do well on this there has to be something up." So there is something up because I just got my grade back and I made a B' on it. I have no clue I would make a good grade like that I was expecting to get a D' or something like that since it was a last minute essay without an outline. Oh well I will take the good grade with a surprised smile and finish up getting ready for class. 
Have a great day all!

Feb 19, 2012

Oh Dear...

Well spring break truly is around the corner and I feel it; I was suppose to start writing an essay for my comp. class but that still hasn't happened. I did attempt to do some early spring cleaning in hopes that I won't have much to do when spring gets here, I got a little of it done but not enough. I hope all of the laziness I am feeling right now goes away super soon if not I fear I will go crazy. Maybe it isn't laziness maybe, I'm scared to say, I am getting sick, which is not what I need right now since I have a extremely busy day coming up on Tuesday ,Madis Gras.
I hope when I get up tomorrow I will have an over abundance of energy but as of right now I think I will slowly fall asleep while watching a movie with the family. Good evening all!
Oh and P.S to my sweetie's dad who is getting ordained, probably right now, congratulations!!!

Feb 16, 2012

Blog Lovin

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Feb 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! A nice dinner maybe a movie in my future? No, I have to go to work but I did have a very nice lazy Sunday afternoon with my Valentine; there is nothing better than cuddling up next to the sweetest guy in the galaxy and watching a movie and then after the movie is over nearly falling asleep because you are soooooooo comfortable. I honestly think I have the best boy friend in the world true I don't get to see him every single day but when I do get to you just can't stop me from smiling! Okay that was just a bit mushy for me I'm done being mushy.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day with or without your Valentine!

Feb 8, 2012


Eek guess who has an evil history test today and hasn't studied at all for it. Yup that's right me; my study group had a study session last night but I lost track of time while cleaning on the house and missed it. I am very grateful that the test is multiple choice at least I have a slight chance of making a relatively good grade....I think.
Well it is getting closer to time so I guess I am going to get as much studying in as I possibly can. Have a great day everyone and wish me luck on this test!

Feb 3, 2012

Another Long Day

Welp today has been just about as boring as yesterday, I'm  hoping that work tonight makes up for the past few days. I also hop my sweetie's knee feels better soon I am going to see if he would like to go hiking Sunday after church so we can just get out of town and the craziness.
But now for a bit of catching up:

The three above pictures are the lovely Tetris blanket my sister started and I finished!

My groovy plant that I got while my sweetie was in Memphis, hints the name tag thingy.

My vine, that I saved from my sister's evil cat, has a new segment sprouting up from the roots! So excited!

My sister's birthday cake that I baked for her. Fastest cake baking I have ever done.
 Okay I think I am caught up for the time being, time to get ready for work hope everyone has a great afternoon/ night!