Oct 20, 2013


Okay, I have got to get this out before I blow up and bust! I know I am not a mom, but if you have kids please please please spank their butts, you wont get arrested for spanking them it isn't a crime! It is not fair to their teacher or to those you ask to watch them to be stuck trying to make a spoiled child mind! I have a cousin who is in the 1st grade here and she acts like she has never been told no once in her life and that she should get whatever she wants! She is a minis, and is especially bad when we take her to church. True, she doesn't come to church as much as she should, but that is partly because we cannot handle her every week!
Another thing, make them play with things other than technology. I no games on my computer other than the ones that came on it, and I don't even play them. The same cousin looked at me and asked me to come back to my granny's with her and to bring my ipad (which I am glad to say I don't own one) or my lapitop and that we could play together. I know it is extremely convenient to just hand them a phone or ipad and tell them to play with that, but when you do that you steal their childhood away!!! Kids are suppose to play outside and come in muddy, or do finger paints(with supervision of course) and learn who they are! They aren't supposed to be little robots with phones attached to them getting every single thing they ask for because they shed some crocodile tears!
All of this is why I have chosen to not become a teacher, because of poor parenting skills! I would not be able to handle a student walking up to me and telling me what to do. In most cases the children run the home not the parents, and that is backwards! Parents please be parents and not friends to your kids and give them what they want! Our school system needs to bring back paddling, it was around for part of my generation and those who got paddled understand why and that it was necessary.
Rant over, for now. Now I must study for my math test tomorrow.