Nov 27, 2012

Change is in the Wind

Today I am making it official this will be my last semester of college until I am able to go to the Art Institute and achieve the goal I have had since forth grade. NO longer will I be wasting my time dabbling in stuff I don't want to do. It is time for me to focus all of my efforts on something I am passionate about; I will prove to those who have zero faith in me that I can do what I set my mind to. He may call it a mistake all day long, but at least when I have been doing my job for 27 years I will still enjoy it.
I am a strong woman who can do whatever I set my mind to!
I will have a bakery of my own and I hope I will see some of my readers in there.
Good night all, time for me to start standing up for myself. Toodles!
A simple reminder that I am Awesome and so are you!