Dec 19, 2013

Out Rage!

Hey everyone, I apologize for not blogging more often but I was in math this semester and I'm pretty sure my brain melted.
Speaking of brains melting I'm pretty sure the brains of whoever it is who bained Phil Robertson from his own show melted. We live in America where it it clearly stated in the bill of right that each individual has the freedom of speech, but all these liberal nut jobs are revoking everyone's rights save the gays and illegal immigrants. A&E totally lost any and all support from me when they pulled this stunt, our country is run by immoral idiots who have sex, drugs, and drinking supported on television for all the children of the world to see. How dare one man speak his opinion, which happens to not be the same as the station's supervisor, but it is okay to have a show on the air about skimply clad women having sex and drama? I should say not! A&E CEO please realize your ratings are now going down the tube faster than you can apologize to Phil!