Jan 26, 2012

Birthday Thing

Wellp the sweet aroma of fresh baked cake is swirling through the air in my house. Today is my sister's 23 birthday so I have decided to bake her a birthday cake and I am going to decorate it for her, that is if it gets completely cooled before she decides to rise.
I will attempt to post pictures of the beauty sometime today but as I wait for the cake to cool I need to work on an essay which I cannot focus on at this moment in time.

Jan 25, 2012

Odd Thing That Happened This Morning

Well a lot of odd things occurred this morning first is I actually woke up feeling refreshed which like never happens! Then as I go to turn my alarm off on my phone, it feels as if it is spontaneously com-bust but it finally cools off, thank goodness. Finally, I walk into my room so I can change into the clothes I want to wear to class, and I hear this rustling and tapping outside my window as if someone is trying to get my attention, however when I look out there is no one there.
I hope the rest of my day isn't odd and I hope everyone else has a non-odd day now off to class.

Jan 19, 2012

Good Golly

Last night was crazy!! At work we only had one server all night! I am just super glad we didn't get slammed because that would have been much worse than it was. Also I wish people would not take smoke breaks during their meal because my allergies have been going nuts ever since last night.
Oh well, on a much happier note, I absolutely love all of my teachers this semester! They are all funny and actually know what they are talking about which will make this semester go by so smoothly.
Well I am about to go out shopping (yet again) with one of my best friends and try to find a book I need for one of my classes. Have a great day everyone!

Jan 16, 2012

Good Day planned, Great Day Occurred!!

Today my best friend, her soon to be boyfriend (I think), and I had planned to just kinda have a good ole' shopping trip to spend money on things we don't really need but wouldn't mind having before this semester really got into full crazyness, however things didn't go as planned.
After finding out I had more money in my account than I had thought I had (big huge yay), then got to Cool Springs (the place we love to shop at) did some quick time wasting at Old Navy, then started shopping at the mall and I found the dress I have been wanting for a looooooong time!! After I get said awesome dress I get a text from the sweetest guy ever saying I should stop by and see him which we did! And to end off my great day he came over to family time tonight! But I am afraid the wind is going to try to ruin my day but I shall not allow it!

Jan 11, 2012

La dee da day

Welp today has kinda been just one of those days that goes on forever and will never end, in fact thats how this week is going. Monday morning I'm sitting in my living room trying to feel better and eat breakfast when my boss calls and informs me that she really needs me everyday this week. But oh well, this slow week will be over soon, fingers crossed
One good thing happened today I got to bake my granny a birthday cake and take her out to eat too!
Well time for work, have a great day/night everyone!

Jan 7, 2012


Unfortunately I don't think today will be a good day seeing that I have been feeling like my lungs are swimming in a slime. I just want to curl up next to my sweetie and watch movies all day and drink coffee, but alas I don't think that will happen since I have to go to work today. Perhaps I will be able to get off early tonight, fingers crossed. I could have gone with my parents and maybe my sister and her sweetie to a gun show but I just didn't feel like going any where and still don't really.

However my sister did make me this really cute ear warmer thingy yesterday/last night and boy is it toasty!
I hope everyone has a better day than the one I am having and I hope mine gets tons better.

Jan 1, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, okay I tried to post on Christmas day, but the Kindle Fire my parents got me didn't want to publish my thoughts, lame. However, this Christmas has been the best one I've had in a good while. I did get a lot of stuff this year from my sweet fella and my family that helped make the fact that this was the first Christmas we had without my Grandaddy a whole lot easier. My Grandma loved having all of her grandchildren and great-grandchild over on Christmas eve. Then later that very day my sweet heart got back in town in time for us to exchange gifts and two things he got me this year are to the right! 
My family and my sister's guy and mine all went out before I had to go to work on New Year's Eve and celebrated the good ole' southern way by going shooting, and boy did it feel good to blast away some big old calenders!
That is my sweetie in the background as I stand there awaiting my turn to shoot.
Have a great day/night everyone!