Jan 16, 2012

Good Day planned, Great Day Occurred!!

Today my best friend, her soon to be boyfriend (I think), and I had planned to just kinda have a good ole' shopping trip to spend money on things we don't really need but wouldn't mind having before this semester really got into full crazyness, however things didn't go as planned.
After finding out I had more money in my account than I had thought I had (big huge yay), then got to Cool Springs (the place we love to shop at) did some quick time wasting at Old Navy, then started shopping at the mall and I found the dress I have been wanting for a looooooong time!! After I get said awesome dress I get a text from the sweetest guy ever saying I should stop by and see him which we did! And to end off my great day he came over to family time tonight! But I am afraid the wind is going to try to ruin my day but I shall not allow it!

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