Feb 19, 2012

Oh Dear...

Well spring break truly is around the corner and I feel it; I was suppose to start writing an essay for my comp. class but that still hasn't happened. I did attempt to do some early spring cleaning in hopes that I won't have much to do when spring gets here, I got a little of it done but not enough. I hope all of the laziness I am feeling right now goes away super soon if not I fear I will go crazy. Maybe it isn't laziness maybe, I'm scared to say, I am getting sick, which is not what I need right now since I have a extremely busy day coming up on Tuesday ,Madis Gras.
I hope when I get up tomorrow I will have an over abundance of energy but as of right now I think I will slowly fall asleep while watching a movie with the family. Good evening all!
Oh and P.S to my sweetie's dad who is getting ordained, probably right now, congratulations!!!

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