Feb 3, 2012

Another Long Day

Welp today has been just about as boring as yesterday, I'm  hoping that work tonight makes up for the past few days. I also hop my sweetie's knee feels better soon I am going to see if he would like to go hiking Sunday after church so we can just get out of town and the craziness.
But now for a bit of catching up:

The three above pictures are the lovely Tetris blanket my sister started and I finished!

My groovy plant that I got while my sweetie was in Memphis, hints the name tag thingy.

My vine, that I saved from my sister's evil cat, has a new segment sprouting up from the roots! So excited!

My sister's birthday cake that I baked for her. Fastest cake baking I have ever done.
 Okay I think I am caught up for the time being, time to get ready for work hope everyone has a great afternoon/ night!

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