Oct 28, 2012

The Croop, The Cough, And Star Wars!

All last week and most likely this week too I have had the worst cold I have had in a looooong time. I have literally been getting up from bed just long enough to go to class and eat, but most of my days I have been sitting or laying watching t.v. shows. Boy do I wish I liked tea, maybe I should try hot tea sometime I might actually like that kind.
One awesome thing did happen last week, I started watching Star Wars with my sweetie for the first time ever! And it is my first time seeing them not his, he has seen them a few times; me on the other hand have not seen them and I really wanted to understand the cute jokes I have been seeing all over the internet and well everywhere. I think I will get to see the next one this week and maybe possibly the third one too! My sweetie is really the best!
Well I guess I should be hitting the hay soon since I have class tomorrow morning and I still am fighting this annoying super cold. Well good night everyone, my the force be with you!
P.S. Yes, I know I am a geek, it happens and I am proud of being a geek!

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