Mar 16, 2012

Saddness and Bad Weather

Is it just me or when you find out about something sad or bad happening to someone you love and there is no way that you can fix it the weather turns from happy sunny warm days to rainy windy days? Well that is what is happening to me right now, yesterday I found out that my boyfriend's grandfather died and then shortly I found out about this it started to rain then hail and be all out yucky for the rest of the day. And this morning my sweetie left to go back to Memphis to be with his mother and I can't give him a hug or anything before he starts that way and on top of not getting to see him it is raining and guess what... it might hail also while he is driving on the interstate with a bunch of crazy drivers. So if you can't tell my day will be wet and full of worry, goodie.
I guess I will just sit here and crochet until I hear from someone, hopefully him saying he made it down there okay. 
I hope everyone's day is better then mine will be.

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