Nov 29, 2011

A Splendiferous Out Come to a Dreary Day

When the alarm went off this morning I just knew today wasn't going to be the best day. It was rainy, kinda snowy and down right cold! All I had to look forward to really was getting to go to my favorite class and to get to hang out with my best friend, or so I thought. After my first class was over I find out my favorite class was canceled, after I called my ride home I slowly made my way across the frigged campus with stiff hands due to no gloves.
After I got home my day turned from down right awful to pretty much awesome! I found a pair of gloves, had fun running around acting like hooligans with my best friend and last but not at all least got to spend the rest of the afternoon with my sweet heart; from the time he got off from work to the time I had to start getting ready for bed  and he had to go home to do the same!
Well I am putting my family's Christmas tree up tomorrow with my sister so I had better rest up so I don't pass out at work tomorrow night. I guess it is time to say good night to a splendiferous day/night and hope I have another one tomorrow! Good night all!!

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