Nov 13, 2011

Tis the Season of No Pay Checks

Ah it is the time to start the long and expensive task of Christmas shopping. Since I almost never get to see some of the family that I have to shop for I am going crazy because I have no clue what to get them.
Oh and it really stinks that I don't just have Christmas to shop for I have birthdays and my one year anniversary to shop for! Well it stinks but its awesome at the same time because I am like very super happy to have all the people in my life whether it is from the time they were born or I was just introduced to them within this one year of my life.
Time to buckle down and do some shopping I wish everyone good luck in their Christmas shopping insanity (I am defiantly starting earlier next year)! If anyone has any idea what to get a four year old girl let me know please. :)

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