Jun 7, 2012

Time To Take A Moment

Okay, I know not all of my friends or coworkers will read this, or have the time to for that matter. But I would like to say that each and everyone of you I consider my family. Take my coworkers, for example; all of the servers are like my brothers and sisters, the kitchen staff are like cousins (because I am hardly in there to actually talk to them), and my bosses are like two extra parents. When I am at work I feel as safe there as I do when I am at home with my family and my sweetie.
I never really noticed that most of the people I have added on face book are mostly just people that I talked to just a few times at school, or people I happened to have class with. But really I think I only have three friends friends that I can remotely call my best friends, I talk to these three every single day and I feel I can tell them anything and everything. These three are: my friend Katie, who I have known since preschool; my "Buffalo", not her real name but an inside joke; and my sweetie, who I will have been blessed to call my sweetie for one and a half years in a couple of weeks!  I have known him and Buffalo for around five years, but I must say knowing them and Katie as long as I have has proved who my real friends are outside of my "two" families.
I am thankful God has blessed me with such amazing friends and has given me the chance to meet the people who helped them be the people they are, aka, their awesome families!
Okay my moment is over, I hope everyone has a wonderful night! Toodles!

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