May 27, 2012

One Happy Southern Girl

Today started out as usual, get up early to go to church, all the while wishing I was with my sweetie out in the middle of nowhere. Shortly after my normal church service is over go out to my pawpaw's former church for a memorial service for my cousin Donnie. When all the hugs and tear drying was over we started to head back into town and my phone started to get text after text sweetie! He had gotten back into town earlier than he thought and was going to surprise me by showing up at my house after church! I felt sooooooo bad when he said he sat out side in the heat knocking on my door and ringing the door bell. But when we finally got back to town we all had dinner together and he proceeded to make today one of the best days ever! 
I don't need to see him everyday (although I would LOVE it if I could) for him to put the biggest smile on my face when I do see him. He is really the only person that treats me like a female but in a respectful, loving way. With him I am not just one of the guys, I am a girl that cares about him and enjoys watching sports, going fishing, going shooting, and likes trying to help with working on things. I am by far not your typical girl and I am beyond glad I found a guy who likes the person I am and not the person I could be.
Well I am off to enjoy the rest of my day I hope everyone else does the same! Toodles!!

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