May 21, 2012

This Week

This week my sweetie and his family are going on their annual family fishing trip. While I am going to miss him like crazy bad I want them all to have loads of safe fun! And while he is out of state I am going to get a whole lot of stuff on the house done so when he gets back I wont have to worry about house work and will get to see him more! I feel some antiquing and hiking in our nearish future.
Though the hiking may have to wait until my foot heals up some more, yesterday I learned the hard way not to try to take apart a very heavy desk in flip flops because it hurts super bad when you lower the desk onto its back and lands on your foot instead of the floor. So now I have the prettiest little purple/blue bruise on my foot, and it hurts almost as bad as when I was little and broke my finger. But the good news is that now that desk is taken apart and in the truck ready for the dump or the recycle place!
Off to get things done, have a great day everyone!
And to my sweetie and his family if they read this have fun and stay safe!

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