Jan 16, 2013

Sorry About the Politics

I try not to let my political view come into my blog, but what the president has done annoys me so much I have to let it out! Today the president of this once great nation has practically eradicated the 2nd amendment, that our forefathers granted us, stating that it is the legal right of all United States citizens to own a gun. He wants to take that right away from us by banning the right to own one saying that guns are bad and that they kill people, but is it the gun waking up one morning saying "humm today I think I will go shoot someone"? No, it is the messed up person who gets a kick out of shooting innocent people saying this! Instead of the government spending billions of tax payers' dollars to remove guns from citizens they should spend more money training teachers how to protect their students better and make every school have School Resource Officers to prevent crazy people coming in and shooting the place up.
And making the back ground checks "stricter" isn't going to stop Billy Bob from going over to Joe Bob's house and buying or stealing his gun! So how about this liberal ran stop wasting money on bills and other "genius" ideas and spend it where it is needed! I mean come on I am 20 and in a few more months I should be able to buy my own hand gun and get my carry permit in order to PROTECT me and who ever is around me!
Did the officials in the government not pay attention to history? What they are wanting to do is exactly what Hitler did in Germany and that didn't work out very well.
Okay I think I am done ranting, toodles.

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