Jan 10, 2013

Crossed Fingers

It sure is hard to knit with fingers crossed. Why are my fingers crossed you may ask, well I just finished filling out an application to be a library assistant at the public library in my town! I am going tomorrow to turn it in so I am super nervous about that! I keep telling my self not to get my hopes up, but that is hard to do when working at the public library has been one of my dreams since I was a little younger girl than I am. ;) 
But any who I have really been enjoying being out of college lately I have gotten some stuff accomplished *happy dance* like I can see my floor again! Being a student and employee and a cat owner means papers get strewn everywhere and after work just too tired to pick them up or care that you have a pile of clothes in what used to be a very pretty chair, that the cat you have had for around 6 months hasn't seen fully, needing to be organized and hung up. Now I just need to go through the remaining garments and choose the weakest links/volunteers for a charitable yard sale and package them up. 
Oh and even more good news, my sometimes co-worker, who is almost like a big sister to me just without the constant bickering, asked me to be one of her bridesmaids for her wedding! I am honored to be one of her bridesmaids, she and her groom are some awesome people and I am grateful that they are my friends.
Okay I guess I have said enough for now, back to going through clothes and such! Toodles all!
P.S. Pray, hope, and wish me luck that I get this job! A second source of income would be extremely helpful!

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